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In addition to high Current potentostats to 100A, Biologic offer a range of external and pluggable boosters for the entire range of potentiostats.


  • A range of Plug-in modules for both the traditional  VSP and VMP Chassis (4 Amp Max) and SP-300, VSP-300 and VMP-300 up to 10 Amp.

  • External Booster Chassis (8 slot) from 2 Amps to 20 Amps for the SP-150, VSP and VMP Chassis

  • Newly released External +/-48V 30 Amp booster stackable to 120 Amp, the  HCV-3048 is  for the SP-200,  SP-300, VSP-300 and VMP-300 seres

Premium Boosters

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Essential Boosters

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