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Boosters for Essential Potentiostats
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Essential Range
Boosters for Essential Potentiostats

Deliver more power to your application with a high current booster.

Each of our modular multi-potentiostat units and the SP-150 can be interfaced to a separate current booster unit.

These modular booster units can have different booster modules placed inside them (2, 5, 10, or 20 A).

In the standard booster chassis there are 8 available booster slots and the current limit is 20 A. Each booster channel is connected to a single potentiostat channel.

There is also an 80 or 100 A booster unit.
4 A booster kit can be directly inserted in the VSP chassis.


General features

  • Booster range included in the autoranging

  • EIS capability

  • Plug-in module or external chassis

  • Plug-and-play



External booster

  • ±2 A, ±5 A, ±10 A, ±20 A on ±10 V

  • adjustable from -20 to +20 V

  • ±80 A on ±3 V

  • ±100 A on [0,6 – 5] V

Internal kit

  • ±4 A on 20 V (for VSP)

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