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About us

Leading Supplier of Scientific & Analytical Equipment for the Electrochemical & Renewable Energy Industries with over 24 years of experience.

Cutting-edge hardware.
Powerful, user-friendly software.

The quality, reliability, and innovation that lies behind Prodigitek’s product portfolio help shape the future of research/industry projects  around the world.
Our close professional proximity with both academic and industrial users helps us understand our clients’ needs and develop solutions that truly make a difference – through a marriage of cutting-edge, reliable, high-performance hardware and innovative, user-friendly software.

The Directors Foreword.

Shaping the future. Together.

Whilst my background is Electronic Engineering, it appears that my career was destined to be one involving Potentiostats and becoming involved in the science of Electrochemistry and more recent years Nuclear Physics.


From repairing Potentiostats back in the mid 70’s, Sales and Support in the late 80’s and then establishing ProDigital in 1996. The Electrochemistry industry had grown so much, that in 2004, I established ProDigitek to exclusively focus on the Scientific Instruments Sector and specializing in niche measurement systems for Electrochemical applications.


Originally PAR, Solartron and Biologic, it was Biologic that ultimately became the star. In more recent years another division, CAEN instruments who are the Biologic equivalent in Nuclear Physics instrumentation.


I never realised that the combination of Electronic Engineering skills and the passion for science would be such a remarkable combination.


Over 36 years, I was absorbed in the world of Electrochemistry and became fascinated by the Science and those that used our Instruments.


In the early days circa 1988 when PC’s and software started to take over “manually used” Potentiostats with XY recorders and attended my first ACA Conference, researchers knew their science but PC’s and software were a bit of a mystery for many. That’s were I came in and started to train researchers in how to operate our software to obtain the data they needed to analyse.


Today of course, most everyone is familiar with PC’s and Software


In the meantime, and over the years, I had not only attended several conferences, seminars, training sessions and been exposed to real applications, learning about real objectives and how to achieve them, but also became proficient in trouble shooting common problems that occur in setting up experiments and the software that run our Biologic Potentiostats.


Today I find myself enjoying the people I meet and the many friends I have made in the industry. Some are considered Demi Gods in their respective discipline by very young students today. It is how one realises that they are getting older.


It has been most gratifying to see that all the knowledge I had acquired became useful and to be able to support and participate in the discipline of this Science. Not only to see how the present has been shaped from the past, but also how the combination of the collective skills can shape the future. Of course, it’s not just the knowledge acquired over the years that is here to support you, but I am also backed up some 15+ PhD’s employed by Biologic and about the same in CAEN.


Today I find myself joyfully waking up looking for emails from those that need assistance. I believe, that unknowingly, the passion to be indefinitely helpful and supportive to our customers that was there since the day I was born, has shaped my path in life and continues to drive me to this very day.


This is something I am passing onto our team here at ProDigitek.


Please know that our Philosophy at ProDigitek is that we do NOT take your money and run. No matter what you purchase from us, you have a partner in your research and objectives that wants you and will do anything for you to SUCCEED.



Vincent Stafrace

Managing Director/Owner of Prodigitek

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