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An extensive range to accommodate any industrial or academic need


New Product Range!

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Thermal Hazard Technology (THT) is a leading provider of advanced thermal analysis instruments and solutions. With a focus on safety and reliability, THT specializes in designing and manufacturing calorimeters and related equipment for industries such as chemistry, materials science, pharmaceuticals, and process engineering.

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Shop top-tier potentiostats, boosters, accessories, research tools, and scanning electrochemical microscopes. Achieve precision and reliability with our cutting-edge electrochemistry equipment.

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Kinetics & Spectroscopy

Explore our advanced kinetics and spectroscopy equipment for precise measurement and analysis. Enhance your research with top-tier tools designed for accuracy and reliability.

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Battery Cyclers

Discover our range of battery cyclers including BioLogic MPG-200, BCS Modular System, MPG Series Cabinet, and Battery Cycling Temperature Oven. Optimize your battery testing with our advanced, reliable equipment.

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FW Bell Gaussmeters

Discover FW Bell Gaussmeters for precise magnetic field and flux measurement. Equip your lab with industry-leading tools for accurate and reliable readings.

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Nuclear Physics

Explore CAEN S.p.A. for Nuclear Research, CAEN SyS for Spectroscopy, Waste Management & Health, and CAENels for Beam Line Instruments. Equip your lab with cutting-edge nuclear physics tools.


Simpson Electric

Explore Simpson Electric's range of top-quality measurement instruments and electrical test equipment. From analog panel meters to digital multimeters, find reliable solutions for industrial, commercial, and residential needs.

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Revolutionize your signal generation with Active Technologies' elite lineup of arbitrary waveform and pulse generators. Trusted worldwide by leading industries such as telecom, aerospace, defense, and semiconductors, our state-of-the-art solutions guarantee unparalleled precision and reliability. Elevate your testing capabilities and stay ahead of the curve with Active Technologies.

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Multichannel & Single-channel potentiostats – what’s the difference?

(Electrochemistry Basics Series)

Our Products.

For more than 25 years we have worked in partnership with

some of the top suppliers in the industry to support universities,

government departments and corporations across Australia and

New Zealand in their quest to access high quality Scientific and

Analytical Equipment.

All of our products are expertly chosen and checked against our list of criteria to ensure you receive lasting technical support as well as experience, quality and superior maintenance capabilities.


At ProDigitek we strive to get you the best deals; paying attention to our products price/performance ratios to ensure you walk away with outstanding value for your money.

From renewable energy and microbial fuel cells to general electrochemistry, corrosion and EIS…to Nuclear Physics in Research and Systems. With ProDigitek you can harness all your favourite leading brands – BioLogic, CAEN-SPA, CAEN-SYS,   ALSi, and FW Bell - and gain access to their incredible range:


Our goal is to provide you with a credible solution to your high end research equipment problems; to ensure that you walk away with the best in follow-up support.


That is why alongside the versatility of our products, we also offer after sales support and numerous training opportunities so you can easily contact our technical personnel and find the answer you are searching for.


At the same time, you can also benefit from our installation services; regular system upgrades; top ranking global products and most importantly, the guidance of industry experts who will always keep you on target.


To arrange appointment or discuss our products in more detail, contact us today.

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