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Premium Range
Powerful EIS with FlexP.

A powerful booster suitable for Redox Flow Batteries (RFB) or fuel cell stacks.


The FlexP 0160 has been designed for battery module/pack characterizations.

The continuous maximum current of +49A/-50 A for a single unit can be extended up to +196A/-200 A by connecting four units in parallel.

The booster is also highly suitable for Redox Flow Batteries (RFB) or fuel cell stack.

The FlexP0012 is not only a DC instrument, it is also able to perform EIS measurement up to 10 kHz.

The FlexP can be configured with the 0V option, FlexP0060.

The instrument configuration can be easily modified, in-situ, to meet the end-user’s specific requirements. The instrument does not need to be sent back to the factory to be upgraded thanks to the plug and play capability of the booster modules.

The EC-Lab® interface will automatically detect any new configuration ensuring that the transition to the new upgrade occurs seamlessly. EC-Lab’s stack mode allows the user to measure elements in series within a battery/fuel cell pack. This process is described in application note: AN#59 – A full solution to address battery modules/packs.

FlexP0160 Specifications


  • Up to 60 V

  • Up to 50 A

  • Up to 200 A with 4 units connected

  • EIS: up to 10 kHz

  • Individual Element measurement within a pack

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