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Single channel, user-friendly potentiostat.

User-friendly potentiostat/galvanostat designed to address general electrochemistry/corrosion applications

SP-50 (1).png

The SP-50 is a user-friendly potentiostat designed to address applications in general electrochemistry and corrosion.

Built around a simple, compact chassis, the instrument is a fixed configuration unit with no additional options available. It is targeted at new researchers in the field of electrochemistry and is an ideal instrument for teaching and education. This highly cost-effective electrochemical workstation offers high-performance for electrochemists and benefits from all the EC-Lab® software features.

SP-50 Specifications



  • Control voltage: ±10 V

  • Voltage resolution: 5 µV on 200 mV range

  • Compliance: ±10 V


  • Current ranges: 800 mA to 10 µA

  • Maximum current: ±800 mA

  • Current resolution: 0.760 nA


  • Connection 2,3,4,5 terminal lead

  • Best acquisition time: 20 µs with EC-Lab Express;

  • Stability control mode (7 bandwidths)

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