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Product Overview

GAMON Mobile


Vehicle mountable gamma spectrometric mapping system.

  • Rugged housing for outdoor monitoring in public areas

  • High detection efficiency for detecting minimal variation in background radioactivity during surveys

  • Spectroscopic and dosimetry probes with the identification of gamma emitting radionuclides

  • Extended operation with rechargeable batteries

  • Onboard web interface for easy configuration of the system and isotope-based alarms

  • Georeferenced map of the measurements for a real time data visualization

  • Scintillator detectors NaI(Tl), CeBr3, LaBr3(Ce) or NaIL™ for gamma and neutron detection


GAMON Mobile is a modular and vehicle mountable spectroscopy system with radionuclide identification and mapping features. GAMON Mobile system is rugged and IP66. It is designed to resist to external stresses (e.g. shocks and vibrations) and easy to mount and fix on the vehicle chosen for the inspection (boat, helicopter or car). GAMON Mobile is designed to make radiometric measurement and identification of gamma emitters on wide areas providing a map of the radioactivity detected. The real time identification algorithm can recognize artificial gamma emitters beyond the natural background and mark the hot spot over the trajectory travelled by the moving vehicle.  This feature allows the user to make a map of the radioactivity of the scanned area.

Operative Scenario

GAMON Mobile modular and vehicle mountable spectroscopy system is designed to be used in the following scenario:

  • Radiological threat search across a large area or in a zone difficult to reach

  • In emergency and first-response applications for an easy control of the zone

  • For location survey and control before, during and after a public event

  • Georeferenced measurements for radioactivity mapping

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