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Pulse Generator Range


Sub Nanosecond Pulse Generator


The Pulse Rider Series includes a set of fast rise time pulse generators, that offer premium signal integrity with the easiest to use touch screen display interface (SimpleRider™), that allows pulse creation in few screen touches.

The signal output Voltage can be adjusted up to 5 Volts pk-pk in a window of ±5 Volts with 70 ps edge rate.

The powerful architecture provides the possibility to generate advanced pulse sequences, such as double pulse or quad pulse, with fully independent timing parameters. The maximum repetition rate of Pulse Rider Pulse Generator is 800MHz and the minimum pulse width is 300 ps @ 5V.

Take a look to the video below to see how to create a sub-nano second pulse, or download the full documentation in the doc section below, to learn more.



High-Performance Pulses for Your Tests

Whether it is generating a complex pulse train, a series of radar pulses, pulses for Advanced Research, laser and optical experiments and semiconductor tests, the PG-1000 is the ideal partner for all your most complex tests and cutting-edge applications.


  • 70 ps Rise and Fall Time (symmetrical)

  • Up to 5Vpp into 50 Ohm Pulse Amplitude with ± 2.5V hardware offset

  • Minimum Pulse Width: 300 ps

  • Jitter RMS: 4 ps

  • 800 MHz Repetition Rate

PG1000-00000_Web (1).jpg

Multiple Pulses

You can combine multiple pulses together to obtain double, triple and quadruple pulses that are very useful in semiconductor testing, radar design and laser/optical experiments. Using this feature you can create clock-like signals with frequencies up to 800 MHz.


  • Double, triple and quadruple pulse mode

  • Up to 800 MHz frequency

  • Semiconductor test, radar, lidar and laser application


Radar Design and Testing

Active Technologies Pulse Rider PG-1000 Series pulse generators allow creating pulses with different pulse width, repetition rate and amplitude easily using the graphical interface and the touch screen display.

Following this solution, it is possible to save the time to develop the pulse system and concentrate the efforts on the radar design and test goals.


  • Easy to use Simple Rider User Interface

  • Simplify tour Radar design and testing

  • Primary radar and secondary radar pulse generation and multiple target simulation

PG1000_Radar02_Web (1).jpg

Semiconductor Applications

Newer technologies applied on the Non-Volatile RAM require faster pulses every day: Active Technologies Pulse Rider with transition time under 70 ps, an amplitude up to 5 Vpp, and a time resolution of 10 ps combined to the vertical resolution of 10 mV is the perfect choice for those kinds of requirements.

Developing modern MOSFET transistor, the challenge is to use high κ material for the dielectric in MOS capacitor, this give the advantage of reduce the leakage current through the isolator but at the same time, it causes some problem due to charge trapping. Short and Slow Pulses tests are fundamental techniques to study those kinds of problems.

The Active Technologies Pulse Rider PG-1000 Series pulse generators supply fast edges under 70 ps, a baseline offset of +-2.5 V and a pulse width from 300 ps up to 1 s, so it may be the ideal instrument to generate the pulses for Short and Slow Pulse tests.


  • Non-Volatile Memory Cells Characterization

  • Mosfet Test

  • Short, Slow and Narrow Pulses tests

Advanced Research Applications

In big physics experiments, photomultipliers are fundamental since they allow to convert photons in electric charge that can be received by the acquisition system allowing the detecting photons.

Using Active Technologies Pulse Rider PG-1000 Series pulse generators it is possible to generate a pulse with different width, period and amplitude used as a Laser Driver signal.

klystron is a specialized linear-beam vacuum tube that can be used in multiple applications, as example in the colliders used for big physics experiments, it has the purpose to generate the particles that will collide.


Like for the laser applications, it is necessary to generate an enable signal to drive the klystron. The  Pulse Rider PG-1000 Series pulse generators offer an off-the-shelf solution to control and modify the klystron enable signal parameters in an easy way using the graphical interface and the touch screen display.


  • Advanced Research and Big Physics applications

  • Laser drivers, klystron drivers

  • Easy to use graphical interface

  • Multi-instrument synchronization

Test With Confidence

Superior Testing

  • Big physics applications

  • Experiments colliders

  • Lasers modulation

  • Detectors

  • Strips silicon emulation

  • Mass spectroscopy

  • TDT and TDR applications

  • Radar and sonar systems

  • Semiconductors tests

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