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Waveform Generator Range


World’s Fastest 16 Bit Arbitrary Waveform Generator

The ARB Rider AWG-5000 is the world’s fastest 16 bit Arbitrary Waveform Generator: 6.16 GS/s real time update rate (12.32 GS/s in RF mode) and 16 bit vertical resolution. Available in 2, 4 or 8 channel models, Arb Rider AWG-5000 is the fastest  AFG (Arbitrary Function Generator) in the world, reaching up to 2 GHz sine wave. Thanks to Simple Rider software, AWG-5000 offers best in class performances and extremely easy to use interface.

2 GHz bandwidth, up to 5Vpp output range and up to 4 Gsample memory depth, makes the AWG-5000 is the ideal choice for Physics Experiments, Quantum computers, and Aerospace & Defense applications.

Thanks to the integrated up conversion functionality (RF MODE) it’s possible generate signals up to 6 GHz

No Compromise on analog performances: the fast rise time of 110ps can be achieved at maximum amplitude of 5Vpp.

Up to 32 digital channel option, combined with 2, 4 or 8 analog channels make the AWG-5000 a full featured mix signal generator. It’s now possible generate up to 8 analog signals fully synchronized with 32 digital lines (LVTTL or LVDS standards).

A dedicated intra-chassis synchronization bus, allow multi-instrument synchronization up to 4 units: 32 analog channels and 128 digital channels for the most powerful mixed signal generator in the world.


AWG-5000 STATS 2.png

7" Capacitive Touch Screen Display

Soft Keyboard

8 SMA Differential Analog Output Connectors

4 SMA Marker Outputs

2 SMA Trigger Inputs


Pulses for All Your Needs

Whether it is generating a complex pulse train, a series of radar pulses, pulsed RF signals with impairments, Gaussian pulses,multi-level pulses, double pulses for IGBT/Mosfet experiments, pulses for Advanced Research and Quantum computing, the AWG-5000 is the ideal partner for all your most complex tests and cutting-edge applications.


  • Up to 5Vpp into 50 Ohm Pulse Amplitude with ± 2.5V hardware offset

  • 110 ps Rise and Fall Time

  • Minimum Pulse Width: 230 ps

  • Shape easily your Pulse Transitions


Quantum Computing and RF Wireless

The AWG-5000 is the right choice for the frontier of science and technology experiments and cutting-edge challenges like Quantum, High Energy Physics, Optical and RF Wireless Communication.

The AWG-5000 Series instrument can create virtually any signal – analog or digital, ideal or distorted, standard or custom. You can easily build complex RF/IF/IQ waveform or generate serial data streams on your PC and transfer it to the AWG.


  • Minimum delay between Trigger In and Analog Out

  • Up to 32 analog channels and 128 digital channels fully synchronized

  • Built-in sequencer with conditional/unconditional/dynamic jump features, two independent Trigger Inputs, up to 4 Marker outputs

Radar, LiDAR Design and EW

Wideband radar and electronic warfare systems need high fidelity signals to replicate real-world situations and complex environment scenarios.

Moreover, nowadays automotive solutions need to create accurate and reliable tests to prove safety under a variety of test conditions is key: LiDAR is one of the strategic components for these kinds of solutions.

Key Features

  • Generate Radar  test signals with excellent spurious performance

  • Create Electronic Warfare complex scenarios with up to 16384 sequencer entries and Advanced Sequencer conditional/unconditional jumps.

  • Build up LiDAR signal testing for aerospace & defense, automotive and mobile devices solutions

  • Create test waveforms using the Waveform Editor software or import them using third-party applications like MatLab, Labview, .NET languages, etc.


Multi-Instrument Synchronization

You can synchronize up to 4 units to build a system made of 32 analog channels and 128 digital channels fully synchronized and integrated with the True-Arb software.

Main Features

  • Synchronize up to 4 units: 32 Analog channels and 128 Digital channels

  • Affordable price per channel

  • Easy to use Multi-Instrument control through True-Arb software

Technical Specifications

  • 6.16 GS/s,  16 Bit Vertical Resolution

  • Minimum Edge time down to 110 ps

  • Maximum dynamic range up to 5Vpp into 50 ohms

  • Up to 4 Gpts per Channel

  • up to 32 Digital Channels synchronous with analog Channels

  • SW User Interfaces: Simple Rider for AFG mode and Simple True Arb for AWG mode

Waveform Editor: Powerful and Easy

The Waveform Editor allows you to create easily the most complex shapes for your radar pulses, physical research pulses, real-world signals, and complex environment signals. It is included in the standard software package.

Key Features

  • Generate easily the most complex analog and digital signals

  • Create your waveforms remotely on your PC

  • Full integration with the True-Arb software

Test With Confidence

Superior Testing

  • RF Signal Generation

  • 7″ Touch Screen display and Soft Keyboard

  • 2, 4 or 8 Analog Channels + 8 Digital Channels (optional)

  • Full synchronization between analog and digital channels

  • Advanced sequencer and waveform editor included in the basic price

  • Create Easily waveforms and pulses with Simple Rider UI

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