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Product Overview


Save your precious samples: 50 µl of sample is all you need.

A unique micro-volume stopped-flow solution for the most demanding applications.

uSFM 3.png

Micro-volume Stopped-flow.

Micro-volume operation is now a real requirement for stopped-flow users. Biochemists and biologists often spend days or weeks in order to prepare and purify a few hundred microliters of precious sample.

It therefore makes sense that their time will be better spent, if this process is made as efficient as possible.

Previously, the idea of running a complete series of experiments with only 100µl of solution was considered a pipe dream, as such volumes were necessary just for priming the instrument.

100 µl stock, 10 shots, 1 ms dead time.

The reduction of sample consumption in stopped-flow instruments was our driving motivation for the development of the µSFM. Not a single drop of precious liquid is wasted in the stopped-flow or in the storage vial. With only a 100 µl stock solution, the user has enough solution to carry out 10 replicates. And this could even be extended to 25 replicates when carrying out refolding/folding experiments! This performance is done using our standard microcuvette so, there is no loss of sensitivity and only 1ms dead time.

Mixing precision and modularity.

The µSFM is a two-syringe stopped-flow system. Each syringe is driven by an independent stepping motor so the mixing ratio can be freely changed in Bio-Kine software from 1:1 to 1:9. The combination of high-precision motors with the precision of micro-volume glass syringes allows the user to inject a few µl of precious samples at each experiment. A series of experiments are possible with only 50µl of stock solution and without compromising on sensitivity. Minimum injection volume can be reduced down to 3µl in asymmetric mixing conditions.

The µSFM is a dedicated single mixing stopped-flow, optimized for absorbance, fluorescence, 90° light scattering, and X-ray kinetics. Users seeking increased modularity should consider our premium stopped-flow range.

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