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Product Overview
Stand Alone Digital MCA.

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  • Fully digital Multi-Channel Analyser (MCA), suitable for medium-energy resolution detectors

  • OEM kits available

  • Full Pulse-Height Analysis (PHA) and Multi-Channel Scaling (MCS) modes of data acquisition

  • Up to 4096 channels for PHA and MCS acquisition

  • Advanced electronic noise reduction algorithms

  • USB 2.0 for data communication and device control

  • Miniature design combining low power consumption with low noise

  • Basic spectrum acquisition and device control software included

  • Optional TTL counter input available

  • Compact MCA: 107x72x19mm In Aluminium Case < 150 Grams

  • Programming libraries available for Windows & Linux Operating System (upon request)

The TOPAZ-Pico is a compact, stand-alone, digital Multichannel Analyzer (MCA) capable of performing Pulse Height Analysis (PHA) of a signal produced by a standard scintillation detector such as NaI(Tl), LaBr3, CeBr3, etc.

TOPAZ-Pico is a compact, stand-alone digital Multi-Channel Analyser (MCA), which is able to perform Pulse Height Analysis (PHA) of the signal produced by a standard scintillation detector such as NaI(Tl), LaBr3 (Ce), LaCl3(Ce), etc.

The device is therefore useful for obtaining the energy spectrum from the photon radiation detected by the scintillator, and can be easily interfaced to a typical PC or notebook via a standard USB port for further data transfer and analysis.

The MCA is provided with a basic software package that allows to control the device, and to acquire and visualise the energy spectrum. The software incorporates an advanced and easy-to-use “discovery” function that can be used to detect automatically all the BrightSpec MCAs (bMCAs-USB, bMCA-Ethernet and TOPAZ-Pico) in the neighbourhood of the PC that are available for connection.

A set of programming libraries is also offered, which makes the incorporation of the TOPAZ-Pico into existing radiation systems or setups very easy. The programming libraries are available for both MS Windows and Linux operating systems.

The device is available either in a rugged, pocket-size aluminium box with input and output connectors or as separate Printed-Circuit Board (PCB) for OEM distribution.

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