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Scanning Kelvin Probe (SKP)
500 and 150 µm SK Probe.

Accessory designed for use in SKP (scanning kelvin probe) technique

SKP probes.png

In Scanning Kelvin Probe (SKP) the probe is used to measure the Volta potential of a sample compared to the probe material. The resolution of the SKP experiment is directly related to the diameter of the SKP probe used. All SKP probes offered by BioLogic are composed of tungsten wire shielded from parasitic noise by a metallic casing with an air gap.

The probe is composed of a brass casing and a W (Tungsten) wire. Shielding of the signal is ensured by the air gap between the brass casing and the W wire. The SKP probe is available with two diameters of W wire: 500 µm and 150 µm. The 150 µm probe hence allows users to perform SKP measurements on much smaller features than the larger probe.

Part number : U-SKP370/1 and U-SKP-150

SKP Specifications

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Ordering information

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