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Product Overview
Inorganic Scintillator Detectors
High Resolution Gamma Ray Spectroscopy.

  • Built-in or Remote Preamplifier
    types are available depending on application
    • Option to choose a preamplifier type with a resistive or optoelectronic feedback high energy
    rate up to 15000 MeV/sec.
    • Ability to increase energy rate to 20000 Mev/s radiation detection in any spatial orientation made possible by modifications to the portable
    cryostat during manufacturing.
    • Energy range from 3 keV to 1500 keV
    • Input window materials: Aluminium, Beryllium or
    • Excellent peak symmetry and high resolution
    • HV supply protection if detector is warm
    • High count rate indicator
    • Variable cryostat design modifications
    • Can be transported and stored without cooling


Each scintillation crystal has its own specific application. For high resolution Gamma ray spectroscopy, NaI(Tl), or CsI(Na) (high light output) are normally used. CeBr3 has exceptional light emission and fast light deexcitation time. For high energy physics applications, the use of bismuth germanate Bi4Ge3O12 (BGO) crystals (high density and Z) improves the Gamma ray energy confinement. (BGO) crystals (high density and Z) improves the Gamma ray energy confinement.


  • General scintillation counting

  • health physics

  • environmental monitoring

  • high temperature use


  • Particle and high energy physics

  • general radiation detection

  • photodiode readout

  • phoswiches


  • Particle physics

  • geophysical research

  • PET

  • anti-Compton spectrometers


  • High resolution spectroscopy

  • fast timing

  • particle and high energy physics

  • ultra-low background

Standard Set:

The Inorganic scintillator assemblies are composed by the following components:

  • the crystal (e.g. NaI(Tl), CsI(Na))

  • A 14-pin 10 stages PMT

This can be matched with MCA PMT base GAMMA StreambPAD and bMCA.
The assembly can be also provided with a voltage divider, to be matched with TOPAZ-Pico MCA.

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