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EasyPET is a benchtop entry-level PET scanner, developed in partnership with the University of Aveiro, designed for education, training and basic molecular imaging research, offering a simple, intuitive and cost-effective system.

  • PET is a major in vivo nuclear imaging modality that provides functional information of the physiological processes of organs and tissues.

  • PET has a unique role in oncology, neurology and cardiology due to its capability of disease detection, staging and therapy effect monitoring.

  • PET, combined with morphological imaging through CT or MRI, has a recognized superiority over all other imaging modalities.

Product Range

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Benchtop, portable PET scanner

State-of-the-art detectors

Adjustable FOV and specific ROI scanning for enhanced sensitivity, contrast and detail

Capacity to eliminate parallax errors

High performance, low cost

Real-time imaging

All-in-one, user-friendly software

Education & training dedicated resources


Practical PET imaging laboratory classes

Training of PET procedures such as calibrations, image acquisition

Protocols, static/dynamic studies

PET image reconstruction (2D/3D) and analysis

Biodistribution research studies

EasyPET technology:


The proprietary image acquisition method of easyPET is based on the intelligent rotation movement of detector blocks that allows reaching super high spatial resolution PET imaging with a reduced number of detection cells. With the best price-performance on the market, easyPET is the first truly affordable PET scanner for Universities and Health Schools. Learning by doing can finally become general practice in PET imaging, a valuable resource for students and technologists of nuclear medicine, radiopharmacy, medical imaging, biomedical engineering, etc.

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