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Product Overview
Universal Multichannel Power Supply System.

Precise and accurate current measuring system includes current transducer and measuring unit in order to obtain best-in-class performances.

SY5527 2.png

The Power Supply Systems are the heart of any experiment. They provide the High voltage and Low voltage required by the detectors and by the related front-end electronics. The quality of the power supply is critical to obtain the best performance from the set-up. 

The sensibility of modern detectors, in fact, make them susceptible to any even small variation in the power supply, and so features like low Noise, low Ripple and high stability become essential in the design of a performing power supply system. Strong of 30 years of collaboration with the most important research labs worldwide CAEN offers today sophisticated High Voltage Power Supply and Low Voltage Power Supply Systems. The demonstration of this successful long-standing tradition is the "CMS Crystal Award 2009" that CAEN received for the development and production of the power system for the CMS tracker. CAEN offers a wide selection of Power Supplies in different form factors and standards:

  • For smaller set-ups Standalone or modular (NIM / VME) products or are the ideal fit.

  • For bigger set-ups, where a high number of High voltages and Low voltages is required, the Mainframe Systems and Boards (up to 48 channels/board) are the most recommended

The SY5527 system is the fully equipped experiment version of a new line of power supply systems which represent CAEN’s latest proposal in the matter of High Voltage and Low Voltage Power Supplying. This system outlines a completely new approach to power generation and distribution by allowing the housing, in the same mainframe, of a wide range of boards with different functions, such as High/Low Voltage boards, generic I/O boards (temperature, pressure monitors, etc.) and branch controllers, where the latter are used to control other remote generators and distributors. Modularity, flexibility and reliability are the key-points of its design, enabling this module to meet the requirements needed in a wide range of experimental conditions. 

The mainframe is housed in a 19″-wide, 4U-high euro-mechanics rack and hosts four main sections:

  • the Board Section, with 6 slots to house boards, distributors and branch controllers; “Low cost” version with 4 slots is available

  • the Fan Tray Section, housing 3 fans arranged on two rows, with programmable rotation speed regulation;

  • the CPU and Front Panel Section which includes all interface facilities.

  • the Power Supply Section, which consists of the primary power supply and up to 2 power supply units;

    • “Low cost” version has only the Primary power supply

The CPU controller is available in 3 different versions: BASIC, ADVANCED and FULL.

  • The BASIC version provides all the communication interfaces, the RESET control, the INTERLOCK control and status LEDs.

  • The ADVANCED version a

  • lso provides the beam handshake management connectors (CH-ON, GEN, VSEL, ISEL).

  • The FULL version provides the complete set of panel connectors, the ENABLE control section, and the fan speed control.

The Power Supply Unit (PSU) is also available in three versions: PRIMARY, OPTIONAL SINGLE and OPTIONAL DOUBLE.

  • The Primary PSU (A4531) is the standard SY5527 power supply block. It includes the SERVICE and 600W PSU within a single slot module. The SY5527 includes one A4531 Primary Power Supply

  • The Optional Single PSU provides an additional 600W of power in a single slot module

  • The Optional Double PSU provides an additional 1200W of power in a single slot module

SY5527 Features

  • Available in a fully equipped option: SY5527 Premium Version

  • Communications via Gigabit Ethernet

  • Communications via Wi-Fi (optional)

  • OPC Server to ease integration in DCS

  • Fast, accurate setting and monitoring of channel parameters

  • 5.7″ colour touchscreen LCD (optional)

  • Live insertion of boards

  • Advanced Trip handling

  • Hardware current protection

  • Modular and expandable power supply

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