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Electrochemical cell to be used with Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy on the M470

The µTriCell™ incorporates an extremely flexible sample accommodation platform to meet the needs of the end user. It has been designed to take various sample configurations whilst still maintaining easy electrical connections for SECM measurements. The µTriCellTM has a small volume to reduce the amount electrolyte required for scanning probe electrochemistry experiments. It still provides the user with a clear view of the probe and sample for easy experimental setup. The integrated tilt correction allows users to adjust the position of samples without moving or adjusting the scanning head, helping to ensure the strongest signal throughout a SECM experiment.

The µTriCellTM is made from a PEEK cell body with quartz glass viewing window which allows viewing access for the video microscopy system VCAM3  It is mounted on a support pillar with an M6 fixing screw end, which can be screwed directly into the  M470 optical table or fixed into a baseplate with a standard optical grid, to provide a high level of experiment flexibility. The cell offers the following features:


  • Easy sample access and connection

  • External level adjustment.

  • Accommodation of a wide range of samples (32 mm and non-standard options).

  • Platinum counter electrode and a Ag/AgCl reference electrode.

  • O-ring seals – Fluoro-elastomer Viton.


The µTriCell™ is supplied as a complete kit consisting of the main µTriCell body and mounting post, 32 PEEK mm blanks and area reducing blanks, O-rings and connection leads. It also includes reference electrodes and counter electrode. Replacement spares and consumables for the cell are available.

The µTriCellTM PTFE body is compatible with the ic-SECM cell assembly. The µTriCellTM mounting plate is compatible for use with the Foil Cell.

SKP Specifications

  • Cell diameter: 26 mm

  • Cell height: 15.5 mm

  • Cell volume: 7 mL

  • Cell body: PEEK

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