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Impedance Analyzers


Intermediate Temperature System.

A compact temperature chamber enabling temperature control from - 35 °C through to + 150 °C. The device has been designed to accommodate Bio-Logic sample holders such as leak-tight sample holders (CESH).


A compact temperature control solution for electrical characterization.

The Intermediate Temperature System (ITS) is a Peltier effect based temperature control unit.

The ITS is a compact temperature chamber with a small laboratory footprint. It enables accurate temperature control from – 35 °C to + 150 °C and is designed to accommodate Bio-Logic sample holders such as leak-tight sample holders (CESH).

The two PT-1000 temperature probes provided with the ITS, ensure accurate measurements and temperature control. An optional PT-1000 probe enables direct measurement of the actual sample temperature.

The  ITS  is highly suitable for determining the characterization of materials’ properties by impedance measurements, under controlled temperatures. It has been adapted for use in controlled atmospheres (up to 2 bar relative pressure) with CESH.

An oxygen and moisture-sensitive sample can be prepared in a glove box, placed in the CESH and then installed in the ITS. The ITS is compatible with the MTZ-35 impedance analyzer and with Bio-Logic potentiostats/galvanostats/FRAs, facilitating the setup of experiments for Bio-Logic system users.

The ITS can be controlled via a USB cable from your computer using MT-Lab® software. A wide range of temperature control modes is available with MT-Lab® software resulting in intelligent temperature management capability.

The ITS is also controllable via EC-Lab® software using the auxiliary inputs/output of Bio-Logic potentiostats. Both the MT-Lab® and EC-Lab® interfaces provide protocols and data graphing for impedance measurement and data processing.

The impedance data can be fitted using the powerful Z Fit tool available in both software packages.

ITS Specifications


Temperature Range: -35 °C to +150 °C

Temperature Accuracy: ±0.3 °C

Computer Interface: USB 2.0

Mains voltage: 115 V/230 V 50/60 Hz

Power consumption: 250 W

Dimension: 400 x 313 x 385 mm (L x W x H)

Weight: 8 kg

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