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Impedance Analyzers


High Temperature Furnace.

A laboratory furnace used specifically for the electrical characterization of materials and also for heat treatment between ambient temperature and 1100 °C.

A reliable solution for high-temperature material testing.

The HTF-1100 is a horizontal laboratory tube furnace dedicated to the electrical characterization of materials and for heat treatment in the range between ambient temperature and 1100 °C.

The HTF-1100 is controlled by MT-Lab software when it is used with  a MTZ-35 impedance analyzer. It can also be controlled manually through the programmable Watlow controller accessible on the front panel of the furnace. This controller facilitates the set-up and consequent monitoring of the furnace temperature during tests.

The furnace accommodates many tubular High Temperature Sample Holders (HTSH-1100). A k-type thermocouple placed in the bottom of the furnace ensures the accurate control and measurement of the furnace temperature.

The HTSH-1100 can operate under controlled environment conditions with inert or active gas (Ar, N2, O2, etc) and with variable pressures up to 2 bar relative. A quartz tube is supplied with the HTSH-1100 for performing measurements under controlled atmospheres. The HTSH-1100 base is fitted with a gas inlet/outlet for gas flow. A safety valve rated at 30 PSI limits the internal gas pressure to a maximum value of 2 bar relative.


HTF-1100 Specifications


Insulation material: Alumina Fiber

Heating System: Super Kanthal 1350°C wire built in a cement cylinder

Temperature Range: Ambient up to 1100°C

Temperature Controller: PM6 Watlow PID controller

Temperature Sensors: K-Type Thermocouple

Temperature Control Accuracy: Better than +/-1°C

Temperature scan: adjustable (from 0.1 °C/min to 20 °C/min)

Safety Features: Emergency stop button; Buzzer sound alarm; Temperature safety limit

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