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Product Overview

bSCAN - Thin Layer Radio-Chromatography


The bSCAN is delivered with a software package that allows performing radiochemical and radionuclidic purity analysis in an easy and natural way.

  • Radiochemical and radionuclidic purity analysis with a single instrument

  • Implements radio-TLC and energy spectrum acquisition and analysis

  • Compact instrument with a size of (WxHxD) 38 cm x 35 cm x 25 cm

  • Uses a 1x1" NaI(Tl) detector properly shielded against background radiation with two sets of changeable collimators

  • Variable and automatic scanning speeds

  • Modern and intuitive software for performing both analysis and instrument setup

  • Automatic saving of the spectrum for convenient latter review

  • Automatic energy spectrum analysis with nuclide identification

  • Software settings can be changed to satisfy user preferences

  • Colorful and customizable measurement reports

The bSCAN is a compact and advanced instrument designed to perform Thin-Layer Radio-Chromatography (TLC) - an analytical technique that allows the identification and quantization of different compounds in a radioactive mixture. Particularly, Radio TLC is a well established method in Nuclear Medicine laboratories for fast and accurate assessments in quality control (QC) of the radioactive pharmaceuticals used in nuclear medicine procedures. The technique is also widely used by the labeling laboratories and radiopharmaceutical producers.

The in-vivo behavior of the radiopharmaceuticals is dependent upon their quality, which today demands high standards of “radio nuclidic”, “radiochemical” and “chemical purity” or particle sizing of the suspensions in the labeled compound. Radiopharmaceuticals must comply with both: radiation and pharmaceutical standards to warranty their efficacious use, the imaging quality while minimizing the radiation hazard to the patients.

Using this single instrument, laboratories can test for two parameters of the QA\QC process, namely the radiochemical and radio nuclidic purity.

The bSCAN comes with an advanced, intuitive and modern software. The software guides the user to perform both analyses in an easy and natural way.

bSCAN instrument is compact in size and contains state-of-the art components, like a fully-digital multichannel-analyzer (MCA) and a well-shielded NaI(Tl) detector, which provides superior energy resolution and therefore better radionuclide identification. The instrument uses USB digital data communication with the PC.

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