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6 channels - A research-grade electrochemical workstation with a compact footprint.

Perfect for group working the VSP-300 can be connected to a LAN and controlled independently by multiple users

VSP-300 (3).png

The VSP-300 is a state-of-the-art research-grade potentiostat & FRA boasting an impressive array of specifications.

The VSP-300 draws upon BioLogic’s long history of design and innovation through a flexible, modular potentiostat that incorporates the latest technology to deliver unparalleled performance.


The VSP-300 multichannel potentiostat is a versatile electrochemical workstation featuring 6 slots that can be set from 1 to 6 channel boards.


Each channel board can accommodate an ultra-Low current cable and can be connected to one of several high current booster kits. Up to 4 booster boards can be plugged in parallel in one VSP-300 chassis. The instrument can reach up to 40 A.


Four booster kits are available: ±10 A/ [-1;6] V, ±4 A/ [-3;14] V, ±2 A/ ±30 V and ±1 A/±48 V. Each channel board can be equipped with an Analog Ramp Generator.


Perfect for group work, the VSP-300 can be connected to a LAN and controlled independently by several users. An upright design helps make this potentiostat the most compact multichannel electrochemical workstation with EIS available.


  • Compliance: ±12 V ; ±49 V with 1A/48V booster

  • Control voltage: ± 10 V ; ±48 V with 1A/48V booster

  • Voltage resolution: 1 µV on 60 mV range


  • Current ranges: 500 mA to 10 nA (standard); down to 1 pA (Ultra Low Current)

  • Maximum current: ±500 mA (standard); up to 120 A with four HCV-3048

  • Current resolution: 760 fA (standard)

  • Low current: 6 ranges from 100 nA to 1 pA with resolution to 76 aA


  • Frequency range: 7 MHz (3%, 3°) down to 10 µHz; 3 MHz (1%, 1°)

  • EIS quality indicators


  • Up to 6 channels

  • Connection 2,3,4,5 terminal lead

  • Best acquisition time: 12 µs with EC-Lab Express; 1 µs with ARG option

  • Floating mode

  • Analog filtering

  • Calibration board

  • Full stability control mode (9 bandwidths)

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