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Power, performance and precision all rolled into one robust multichannel chassis.

16 channel electrochemical workstation with 1 A (extendable to 800 A) current capability as well as EIS Quality Indicators. Perfect for battery research & testing

VMP-3e 2.png

A research-grade multichannel potentiostat, the new VMP-3e’s modular design, makes it perfect for wide-ranging applications. However, the ability to connect each potentiostat to an external high-current booster channel makes it especially suitable for battery research / testing.


A standard voltage range of ±10 V is extendable to -20 V to +20 V. And the standard current of ± 1 A can be brought down to 20nA – via modules that can be easily added in-situ, by the user, enabling the instrument to grow with your needs.


For high-end EIS measurements, a 1 MHz specification is complemented by BioLogic Quality Indicators, a feature previously only available on BioLogic Premium instruments. Quality Indicators enable scientists to quickly and efficiently validate their impedance measurements. Only BioLogic offers three Quality Indicators, making this the most comprehensive range available.


Additional features include CE to GND mode, unique to BioLogic, which enables users to choose from independent channel or multi-electrode configurations and LAN connectivity to improve multi-user working.


Powered by EC-Lab® , the advanced, ergonomic software that has earned itself the reputation as a global benchmark for potentiostat control software, the VMP-3e boasts a vast array of unique functionality. Only EC-Lab enables users to build and modify experiments incrementally with “modify-on-the-fly”. But a vast array of presets is available, if necessary.


The VMP-3e is a true benchmark electrochemical workstation. A multichannel potentiostat which, when combined with the power of BioLogic’s EC-Lab® instrument control and data analysis software, will help take your research to the next level.

VMP-3e Specifications


  • Control voltage: ±10 V adjustable between[-20; to +20] V (standard); up to 60 V with FlexP0060/FlexP0160

  • Voltage resolution: 5 µV on 200 mV range

  • Compliance: ±10 V adjustable between [-20; to +20] V (standard)


  • 1A with “e” type board (400mA with standard board) down to 10µA (1nA with low current option)

  • Maximum current: ±1 A (continuous); up to 800 A with four FlexP0012

  • Current resolution: 0.760 nA; down to 76 fA (Low Current)


  • Frequency range: 1 MHz down to 10 µHz

  • EIS Quality Indicators (with “e” type board)


  • Up to 16 channels

  • Connection 2,3,4,5 terminal lead

  • Best acquisition time: 200 µs

  • Stability control mode (7 bandwidths)

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