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16 channels - The ultimate electrochemical workstation.

EIS capability up to 7 MHz and ultra low current sensitivity with the ULC option


The VMP-300 is the most modular chassis in BioLogic’s range, with 16 slots for potentiostats, galvanostats, EIS boards and/or booster boards.

These different channels can be combined based on users’ needs, either to reach high currents or to drive multiple measurements simultaneously across all channels.


EIS capability is available as an option with a wide frequency range of up to 7 MHz.

Low current sensitivity can be further improved using the ultra-low current option.

All multichannel potentiostat are multiple user systems. Several computers can be connected to the unit at the same time thanks to BioLogic’s Ethernet LAN connection capability.


  • Compliance: ±12 V ; ±49 V with 1A/48V booster

  • Control voltage: ± 10 V ; ±48 V with 1A/48V booster

  • Voltage resolution: 1 µV on 60 mV range


  • Current ranges: 500 mA to 10 nA (standard); down to 1 pA (Ultra Low Current)

  • Maximum current: ±500 mA (standard); up to 120 A with four HCV-3048

  • Current resolution: 760 fA (standard)

  • Low current: 6 ranges from 100 nA to 1 pA with resolution to 76 aA


  • Frequency range: 7 MHz (3%, 3°) down to 10 µHz; 3 MHz (1%, 1°)

  • EIS quality indicators


  • Up to 16 channels

  • Connection 2,3,4,5 terminal lead

  • Best acquisition time: 200 µs; 1 µs with ARG option

  • Floating mode

  • Analog filtering

  • Calibration board

  • Full stability control mode (9 bandwidths)

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