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How To Choose A Potentiostat

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Biologic Science Instruments offers a wide range of Potentiostats providing the best price/performance instruments for a variety of Electrochemistry applications.

The main considerations are typically with regard to the application which may be:

  • Corrosion,

  • Biosensors or sensors,

  • Energy - Battery research, Fuel Cells, Photovoltaics, Microbial fuel cells or other energy devices.

  • Electroplating - Electrolysis

  • Battery Cyclers

  • Materials

Configurable to a budget

Biologic have configurable Chassis’ that can accommodate one channel only or one to multiple channels.

Single channel or Multichannel Potentiostat:

The first choice is often how many cells need to be tested.

Importantly, if more than one channel is required, Biologic multi-channel instruments all run simultaneously (at same time), as opposed to sequential. (Many offer multichannel Potentiostats but tests are run sequentially – one after the other – and not simultaneously)


All Biologic Potentiostats come with both Ethernet and USB as standard.

Ethernet also allows Biologic Potentiostats to be networked so many researchers can utilise any available channel(s) and run several experiments along with others at the same time.


Biologic software is “Open Licence” and included with each instrument.

You are permitted to install on as many PC’s as you wish so you can analyse data why experiments are running in the lab and at no extra charge.

All techniques are included… no paid dongles or licences for separate techniques.

Upgrades are always available on line and at no additional charge.

Specifications are generally determined by:

Current sensitivity and maximum current required

This is generally determined by the working electrode. The spectrum can extend from small surface areas, like Microelectrodes (typically need very low currents), to Electrolysis and Batteries, which typically need much higher currents. Biologic also offer a range of Current Boosters all the way to 200A if required.

Compliance and Control Voltage

These are not the same. Whilst the Control Voltage is the range you can control and set your scan range for the experiment, a Potentiostat typically has a little extra capability to overcome any IR drop or uncompensated resistance between the Counter and the Working Electrodes. The maximum voltage a Potentiostat can actually deliver to overcome this drop and achieve your set voltage at the working electrode, is the Compliance Voltage.

Floating Ground

The “Performance” range of Biologic Potentiostats is the only range that has a Floating feature as standard. It is not unusual for an experiment to include other mains operated equipment like a Ph meter or other instrument with an EARTH pin or needed to be connected directly to a pipeline buried in the ground. This can cause earth loop issues and can create noise and, sometimes, can also be potentially dangerous.

Impedance Capability

If Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy is desired than Biologic offer this entire feature on the same potentiostat channel taking only one slot out of the chassis. Modelling software is included as standard in Biologic Software. The frequency spectra typically ranges from 10uHz to 1MHz for the standard range and 10uHz to 7MHz on the Higher performance range of Potentiostats. For higher current applications that incorporate boosters, like batteries, this maximum frequency may be limited to a lower value.

External Device control Capability

Each Biologic Potentiostat channel has an Aux Port which can control and also take measurements from an external device to plot on the Y2 axis in the graphing.

Also TTL Trigger, Analog In and OUT capability as standard

Local Support

The level of local support is often critical and many consider immediate access to local technical support as extremely valuable and most often a major consideration. As Biologic Representatives, located in Sydney, we have more than 20 years of technical experience in applications, software and hardware expertise.

Local installation and introductory training for a first time purchase is always included at no charge and part of our service. Additional periodical training or application specific support is also at no charge when it coincides with our travel schedule. If specific and at request, a charge may possibly apply.


Biologic Potentiostats and software are specifically designed to be versatile.

Only need to learn one software GUI which runs all Potentiostats.

More than 70 Techniques are included and upgrades at no charge.

No need for dongles or licences for plus one installations and or different techniques.

EIS Channel version still only takes one slot out of the chassis and not two.

One PC and one Biologic Application (EC-LAB or BTLAB) can run several Potentiostats Chassis’ at the same time.

Ethernet and Networking increases utilisation and remote access capability.

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