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MPG Series - Bench / Cabinet
MPG Cabinet (1).png

Research Grade
MPG Series - Bench or Cabinet
The MPG series: Precision, stability and power – perfect for in-house R&D or academia.

Introduced in 2010, the first MPG-2 system offers 16 independent potentiostats in one chassis.


To complete the range, more powerful systems have been developed: the MPG-2xx series is now offered as a range of 5 units (in fixed configurations):

  • MPG-2: 16 channels/100 mA each,

  • MPG-205: 8 channels/5 A each,

  • MPG-210: 4 channels/10 A each,

  • MPG-220: 2 channels/20 A each,

  • MPG-240: 1 channel/40 A.

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