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Research Grade

MPG-200 series

The MPG series: Precision, stability and power – perfect for in-house R&D or academia.

The MPG-200 series is a high-end battery tester series made of two core configurations. The MPG-2 features 16 independent channels at 100 mA, whereas the MPG-205 offers eight 5 A channels. Both MPG battery cyclers are available with or without EIS capabilities.

The power of a high-end potentiostat/galvanostat, the simplicity of a battery cycler.

MPG-200 series battery cyclers’ high-end specification has been designed to address the most demanding battery testing needs possible.
Equipped with five leads to connect to batteries with reference electrodes, the MPG-2 features 16 channels with a maximum current of +- 100 mA per channel, its voltage range of +- 10 V makes it suitable for any cell (half, full, symmetrical) configuration.

The MPG-205 features 8 channels at ± 5A. With its voltage range from -2 to + 9 V, this cycler has four electrode connections.
Both units share a 200 µs time-base/sampling rate, a remarkable 800 pA current resolution, and their dynamic range can lower their voltage resolution down to 5 µV.

Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) is available as an option and can run simultaneously on every channel from 20 kHz to 10 µHz.
Each channel can be equipped with a Pt-100 probe for temperature measurements and can interface external devices through analog and digital input/output.

Both units can be stacked in a five-position rack, giving users total autonomy to develop a bespoke system to perfectly fit their needs.

Perfectly suited for energy applications

MPG-200 series instruments feature a comprehensive set of battery-specific and general electrochemistry techniques and analysis tools including:
• Linear Sweep Voltammetry
• Chronoamperometry
• Chronopotentiometry
• Differential Coulometry (dQ/dV)
• High Precision Coulometry (HPC)
• Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS)
• Capacity slippage
• User profile
• Pulse techniques

MPG Series Specifications

MPG Specs 3.png
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