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Triple Glove Box Cell Kit

ProDigitek Glove Box Feed-through Kits 
Single - Triple or 12 Socket available.

The ProDigitek Glove Box Feed-through kits are specifically created for Biologic Potentiostats.


Available in Single , Triple or 12 Socket versions, the Single and triple do have Conical adapter kits also available to convert from ISO63 and ISO 100 to standard K40 Fittings ( see Fig 1A) below.

Configuration Process:

A) Select Single, Triple or 12 Socket Version

B) Select either Essential and Premium Biologic Potentiostat model


C) If for Standard Biologic potentiostat series, this uses your existing Cell cable internal to glove box. Please advise if you wish additional Cell cables.

Glove Box Feed-Through Kit 1.png

Figure 1A

Kit Contents:

A)   Select your desired Flange

Flange 2.png

Single Flange

Triple Flange

12 Socket Flange

B)   2 x Century Rings

PTGB3 10.jpg.png

C)   12 x Double Clamp Claw

PTGB3 9.jpg.png

D)   ISO100 Chamber

PTGB3 8.jpg

E)  Conical Adapter

PTGB3 7.png.jpg

F)  Conical Adapter O-Ring and K40 Clamp Kit

PTGB3 5.png
PTGB3 6.png

G)  Adapter Kit Per Channel 1 of each

Internal Glove Box Side of Flange

PTGB3 3.png

Air Side of Flange

PTGB3 4png.png

H)  Biologic Potentiostat Channel to Flange cable CBL

CBL-33/1TR              092-33/3                 Cable from Ess ch. to booster - 0.8 m

CBL-33/5TR             092-33/4                 Cable from Ess ch. to booster - 1.5 m

CBL-33/10TR           092-33/5                  Cable from Ess ch. to booster - 3 m

CBL-33/15TR           092-33/6                  Cable from Ess ch. to booster - 5 m

Optional Extra:

CBL-5T 092-23/1         Ess cell cable 1.5 m


PTGB3 1.png
PTGB3 2.png
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