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Education Range

Backpack Radiation Detector

A portable detection backpack for revealing the presence of radioactive materials in the environment

  • Portable Radiation Detection Backpack with NaI(Tl) detector coupled with GammaStream integrated High Voltage Power Supply, Preamplifier and digital Multi-Channel Analyzer for scintillation spectroscopy

  • High sensitivity radionuclide identification and quantification including a volume of 0.3 
    liter detector (1 liter on request)

  • Full stand-alone operation with embedded CPU, data storage (SSD) unit, and power supply for up to 8 hours operation

  • Wired and wireless connectivity through USB, Ethernet, Wifi and Bluetooth interfaces

  • Automatic synchronization with GPS navigation and positioning system for radionuclide 
    search, detection and localization

  • Tablet including CAEN GammaEDU application


A portable detection backpack for revealing the presence of radioactive materials in the environment. The high efficiency of the scintillation crystal allows to perform a measurement in few minutes. GammaEDU can identify industrial, medical and naturally occurring radioactive isotopes in static and dynamic acquisition.

With the GammaEDU Android application the students can acquire and analyze in real time a g-ray spectrum to get the K, U and Th abundances, keep note of the surrounding environment, take the GPS coordinates and shoot a picture of the on-going measurement. The data are saved in a kmz file ready to be visualized on Google Earth and shared on Google Drive for producing a radioactivity map of the area.

Kit Applications:

  • Customs protection and border control

  • Educational experiments and surveys

  • Mapping of potential radon-prone areas

  • Environmental monitoring in land field

  • Geochemical and mineral exploration

  • Scenario of emergency services

  • Homeland security

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