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Product Overview
Digital MCA Tube Base for Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy.

  • Gain stabilizer based on natural or calibration radioactivity

  • Front panel digital I/O connectors for synchronization, external trigger, coincidence/anticoincidence modes and veto

  • Software selectable coarse and fine gain

  • Supporterd by MC2 Analyzer software GUI for Windows OS and GammaTOUCH mobile application for smartphones and tablets with Android OS

  • Compact, stand-alone, tube base MCA including high voltage power supply (0 ÷ +1500V / 500 µA) and charge sensitive preamplifier

  • On-board battery and data storage capability for active on-field measurements

  • Embedded ARM based CPU for unattended operations

  • Wired and wireless connectivity through USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth interfaces

  • Compatible with scintillation detectors as Nal(TI), LaBr3(Ce) and CeBr3, using standard 14-pin and 10/8-stage PMTs

  • Embedded GPS for data geo-localization

γstream is an active MCA integrated in a 14-pin photomultiplier tube base suited for portable and mobile gamma-ray spectroscopy.

CAEN Gamma stream is a compact and portable system for gamma ray spectroscopy with scintillation detectors, which provides an active Multi-Channel Analyzer (MCA) integrated in a 14-pin photo-multiplier tube (PMT) base. Gamma stream fully integrates in a stand-alone device the high voltage to bias the PMT, the preamplifier to shape the signal from detector, and the MCA for a complete Pulse Height Analysis online.

Gamma stream makes easy the measurements with scintillation detectors, such as Nal(Tl), LaBr3(Ce) and CeBr3, with no need of additional cables. Its socket and voltage divider can supply standard 14-pin and 10-stage (S2580 and S2580G models) or 8-stage (S2580LB and S2580LBG models) PMTs.
Gamma stream has been designed to work stand-alone, with no need of additional devices, cables, nor human assistance. Gamma stream feautures internal rechargeable Li-Ion battery prodividing long-term duration for unattended on-field acquisitions. Once Gamma stream is programmed via computer or mobile phone, it then acquires and logs data in an internal SSD memory. An embedded CPU, running Linux® OS, controls the acquisition and data recording, as well as the supported communication interfaces.

Multi-interface communication capability by Ethernet, USB 2.0, Bluetooth® or Wi-Fi, makes possible the remote control via computer or smartphone.

Gamma stream can be fully controlled by the MC2 Analyzer software running on Windows ® OS PC.  Besides the standard board and spectra configuration, the software features basic mathematical analysis on collected spectra (peak search, background subtraction, peak fitting, etc.).

The dedicated GammaTOUCH mobile application is provided for Android™ based devices to control Gamma stream not only for all the relevant settings for the device, but even for the GPS application (mobile GPS), and the list mode. Dedicated S2580G and S2580LBG versions feature an embedded GPS component.

Considering that scintillation detectors are usually sensitive to temperature changes, and advanced algorithm for gain stabilization is available. The user can select a specific range where the algorithm recognizes a peak and adjust its position according to the temperature variations.

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